Concord Collision Center

The Repair Process


The estimate is prepared. To ensure our customers get the fairest and most honest estimate, we use the top rated estimating system in the business. This allows us to show the customer first hand why the price of the estimate comes to that total. Allowing us to educate the customer about their vehicle and illustrate that we are taking the right steps to complete the repair to factory specifications. The owner signs the repair authorization.

Insurance Company

The Insurance Company is contacted; they send an adjuster out to inspect the vehicle, writing their own estimate.

Parts are ordered

Vehicle is disassembled and reinspected

If additional damage is found the supplement report is written and the insurance company is called back out to inspect the damage. Upon supplement approval from the insurance company, any additional parts are ordered.

Structural, Mechanical & Body Repairs

Repairs are undertaken and completed with panels being ready for paint. All the work is then inspected and driven before being painted.


The vehicle is prepped, sanded and primed with sealer. With all the dust and dirt removed the vehicle is moved in to the paint booth where it will undergo a multi-step finishing process and final heated curing process.


Complete Reassembly including a final detailing, inspection and test drive are completed. Customer is notified that their car is ready to be picked up.

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